Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Closet Words by Kim Hilton

Title: Closet Words
Genre: Christian/inspirational
Author: Kim Hilton
Publisher: WestBow Press
Pages: 174
Language: English
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-4497-7453-0
ISBN (hardcover): 978-1-4497-7454-7
ISBN (digital): 978-1-4497-7452-3

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First Chapter:

Closet Words is a collection of words from God. What began as an earnest journey to seek God in prayer became a journey of God answering and speaking to me. Through a simple pen, God has spoken to me many times. Although it happened one time before, I consider an August morning in 2002, after I prayed the following prayer, to be when God began speaking to me.

My written prayer to God on the second day of a fast:

Do I have the courage to seek you, God? Do I have the strength the prophets of old had? Do I have the wisdom of the kings of old? Do I have the power to rebuke like the apostles? I seek this courage, I seek this strength, I seek this power, I seek this wisdom! Fill this vessel, oh God, to overflowing. I desire you and only you. Help me to be blameless, to keep myself from sin. Help my heart to be full of love for others. Help my hands to serve others. Help my lips to teach of you. Help my mind to be filled with your wisdom. May I find every ounce of strength, every beat of my heart, every word of my mouth, every step of my walk…all come from you and only you.

After that August prayer I began regularly hearing from God while in my closet praying. I have kept a prayer journal for many years, and as the words flowed to me from God, I began writing them in my journal. Many were given to me while on my knees in the dark of my closet. Most were scribbled quickly to grasp each word and phrase. I’ve also been awakened in the night and reached for the pen beside my bed to scribble down words as God was speaking to me.

I have been seeking a deeper walk with God for many years. Like any Christian, I have journeyed with simple issues and I’ve struggled through tough problems. I have overcome, and I have failed. Throughout my walk as a Christian I have searched to get to the deepest level possible with God. This journal, these closet words from God, did not come easily. They are the product of years of yearning and earnestly seeking God through hours of fasting, tears, and prayer.

I have also given words from God to people. I’ve been asked, “Can you give me words from God?” and after praying, he has given me words that have impacted people’s lives. Many times I have been asked how I hear these words. I can only say, “When I hear God, I write. When he stops, I stop.”

The following words are written word for word as they were given to me. My earnest prayer is that these Closet Words can be a comfort to you.

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